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Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia

The Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia, founded in September 1994, is an association of citizens, a non-governmental, non-profit organization which helps and contributes in the realization of the goals of the International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights within the territory of Serbia.

The main goals and objectives of the Committee are :
- systematic monitoring and studying the states of human rights in the territory of the FRY
- focusing on human rights violations and taking protection measures
- making proposals for amelioration of the state of human rights ; preparation of proposals for new laws, changes and amendments to the old ; insisting in application of the duties the FRY adopted by international documents, its Constitution and laws
- continuing cooperation with related professional and non-governmental organizations
- offering professional help to citizens whose rights have been violated or endangered
- educating professionals and citizens on fulfillment and protection of human rights
- publishing regular and irregular reports and publications concerning human rights, developments and protection.

Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia Zmaj Jovina 7/I YU-11000 Belgrade Yugoslavia

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